Saturday, 11 October 2014

Songs by Ruth Miller

Looks like it could be the Royal Mail, Leicester?
Today I am in the mood for lists, so here it is:

A list of 80 songs written by Ruth Miller

  1. A Lovely Letter
  2. A New Grandma
  3. A Page a Day
  4. Albert Stole My Heart
  5. Appleseed Alley
  6. Better
  7. Bigger Wall
  8. Bus Shelter 
  9. Confidence
  10. Danny's Girl
  11. Early Hours of Summertime
  12. Elephant Chains
  13. Empty Vessels
  14. Engineering
  15. Ever Been Had
  16. Failed Inventor
  17. Farmyard
  18. Fay
  19. First Foot
  20. George Orwell's on the Trail
  21. Ghost of the Green Grass
  22. Glamour
  23. Glass King
  24. Good Behaviour
  25. Good Boy Jacob
  26. Haunt You
  27. Higher Than Your Smile
  28. I took my Head on a Date
  29. I Won't Stay
  30. In a Mermaid Tail
  31. in My Dream
  32. In the Rain
  33. Ipswich
  34. Jacqueline's House
  35. Jennifer Television
  36. Kitchen Sink Drama
    Northampton Labour Club
  37. Last Bus Home
  38. Leopard
  39. Lips That Are Not Mine
  40. Loneliness
  41. Look for the Holes
  42. Lying on my Side
  43. Milksop
  44. My Head's on Fire
  45. No Flowers
  46. Northern Wonder
  47. One Last Thrill
  48. Plastic Charity Girl
  49. Poor Old John
  50. Pop Stars Wives
  51. Ruby Dream
  52. Ruthless
  53. Safe
  54. Sallyann
  55. She Lies in State
  56. Shed
  57. Sixteen Boxes
  58. Speak Again
  59. Squinting at the Sun
  60. Summer got Angry
  61. Summer Pudding
  62. Sunday Never Comes Around
  63. The Artist and the Model
  64. The Boys Who Went to Good Schools
  65. The Mad Girl
  66. Things That Might
  67. Tina
  68. Tomboy and Cowgirl
  69. Torturers
  70. Trains Go By
  71. Treasure
  72. Two Friends
  73. Walking in my World
  74. What Makes You Cruel?
  75. When
  76. White Cloud
  77. Why I'm Not at School Today
  78. Your Brother
  79. Your Shout
  80. You're the Judge

There were quite a few others registered with PRS/MCPS that I don't remember, so I haven't included them here. That's a lot of songs. But also.....
My notebook from 1986, when I wrote Appleseed Alley.

A list of joke songs written by Ruth Miller for the cult cable TV series Chez Lester

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  1. Born to be a Star
  2. Bouncing Bikinis
  3. Don't Prick Your Finger on the Holly
  4. The Slate Dance


  1. 18. Fay

    As good as anything anyone ever did.

    1. Thank you very much. Interestingly, I think Green Day's 'Wake Me Up When September Ends' has the same chord sequence as Fay, but they wrote their song much later.

  2. I know nothing by Green Day.

    I have both Little Stones and Ducks and Drakes on my ipod and have listened to them recently while cycling around central London.

  3. Incidentally, did you spot that John Peel died ten years ago this weekend? Ten years is a long time. Think of how long ten years wa before John Peel really mattered to you! And that stuff you say about the internet - yes, it is true, but the importance of Peelie was that he was our only touchstone, the point at which we shared what was happening. It wasn't just about the music itself.

    Perhaps your mistake is to look back and think it was only about music.

  4. "Fay" is one of my all time favourite songs.

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  7. Today, listen "Ducks And Drakes", Wonderful! Enjoy! My favourite 7 songs: 6. Trains Go By 8. Bigger Wall 9. In My Dreams 10. I Won't Stay 15. Two Friends 17. Jacqueline's House 18. A Lovely Letter

  8. Also 5 songs likewise my favourite: 1.Tina 3.Sunday Never Comes Around 11.Squinting At The Sun 14.The Artist And The Model 22.My Back Pages( Bob Dylan cover) "Ducks And Drakes" my favourite 12 songs

  9. Happy new year to you! Today listen "Little Stones" my favourite 6 songs: Glass King, Confidence, Farmyard(xx cover), Safe, Appleseed Alley, Lying On My Side

  10. Now listen RUTCD6 my favourite this album all 11 songs!

    1. Thank you for all your kind comments, Legendary Artists.Sometimes I am full of self-doubt, but just to have a few people who like my songs enough to comment as you have done makes me very happy!

    2. Thank you like all your music talent written your beautiful voice, feel seem apparently PO!'s 70% or more songs is masterpieces! very cool! I like be forever!