Tuesday, 17 May 2016

PO! music - what's out there?

I'm just about to put together a website and make PO! songs available in a digital and physical way again. It might take me a few months, but I'm determined to do it.

In the days when letters came through the post and I parceled up cardboard on a daily basis, it was fun to run a record label, but I guess it can be just as fun with instant downloady technology, analytics and 'likes'. Just got to get used to it, that's all. 

In the meantime, here are links to all the tracks I can find online at present: 

A Page A Day

 Northern Wonder

Danny's Girl

Your Shout

Appleseed Alley 

I Took My Head on a Date

Sunday Never Comes Around  


Haunt You


Good Behaviour 

Jacqueline's House

Things That Might     https://soundcloud.com/user-795124448/things-that-might

Bus Shelter .... in the Rain  https://soundcloud.com/user-795124448/bus-shelter-in-the-rain 

I Won't Stay  

Two Friends (Bedroom Version) 

Your Brother (Thanks for finding this, Andy) 

She Lies in State (Bedroom Version)   

Monday, 9 May 2016

Doing a U turn on playing gigs

Before I had cancer treatment, I had retired from music. I wrote in my blog that it would be unlikely that I would ever play with  PO! again; I was too old, nobody would want it and it just seemed a crappy thing to do. 

But after having a whole body and hair reboot, the idea of making music with friends just seems like a fantastic idea, because making music IS fantastic. If nobody wants to listen then they don't have to, and it doesn't matter what anyone thinks, because I could have died and not had this opportunity. 

Strangely though, my interest seems to be coinciding with other people's interest in PO! Some are old fans whose names I know from the old mail order business; others are much younger people who have grown up with Japanese fanzines and Spanish vinyl and somehow know that PO! are part of the indie-pop furniture.

2016 got off to a good start when Mark Hibbett emailed and asked me to play a gig at Totally Acoustic in London. A few weeks later, Marianthi from Indietracks was also offering a slot for PO! at the July festival. The guitar came out, songs were considered and practised and, on April 7th, I played solo at Totally Acoustic - the King and Queen pub where Bob Dylan played his UK debut in 1962.

An amazing kind soul, Alan Hames, has also helped by plodding through all my tape reels and DATs to get the old recordings into this century's format. It means I can re-release the first album, Little Stones fairly soon and put some recordings up on the Internet. I feel like I'm a proper old woman of indie-pop and that's quite a fine thing to be!

The last step is starting rehearsals with Paul (drummer) and Gary (bass) to see if we make the right noise as a 3-piece. The requests from fans are influencing what we'll play at Indietracks (and at least one other gig as a warm-up). I will let you know soon.